Geodetic support for investment

Geodetic support for investment means all operations carried out at surveying all types of construction projects, general construction, industrial construction, communication and other engineering objects, such as:

  • road objects
  • engineering objects
  • retail and office objects
  • residential buildings
  • sports facilities
  • any underground utilities



The range of geodetic activities including geodetic surveying services of investments is as follows:

  • paving of buildings on the site.

The task of delimitation in the area is to ensure the location for the objects in accordance with the project, plot development plan and building permit. It is important to situate the marked-out objects relative to the adjacent ones or planned objects and to the real property boundaries.

  • check the accuracy of the works performed during construction.

During construction surveyor often many times or even continuously checks if the objects being built are in line with their planned location. Description of geodetic activities performed is entered in the construction log and signed by an authorized surveyor

  • geodetic as-built inventory.

When the construction works are completed it is necessary to perform measurements and ultimately maps with geodetic as-built inventory – namely introduction of the newly created objects to the master map of the city (and to the land and buildings register).