Surveying of power lines

Surveying of power lines or more broadly, surveying works related to power lines is an example of the most specialized surveyors’ tasks.

Pomiary geodezyjne linii elektroenergetycznych

For many years our consortium has been cooperating with Polish and foreign companies doing works related to the construction of new and modernization of existing power lines as well as modernization of transmission high voltage lines. These are also works carried out in the largest Polish power plants, such as Ostrołęka power plant or Kozienice Power Plant – Świerże Górne.

The most common works related to the modernization of power lines are the so-called OPGW projects. It is a replacement of lightning protection cables for two-functional cables. These are fibre optic cables connected to the function of lightning protection. The task of surveyor is to measure the overhanging cables in terms of temperature, pressure and humidity. For this type of measurement it is necessary to use surveying equipment of the highest accuracy.

Depending on the order, it is necessary to make measurements of overhanging lines, of the height of the points of cable suspension, poles height, line cross-sections, measurements of all ground components unrelated to power line, such as trees, buildings, fences, etc.

We perform measurements in various way – from classical methods to laser scanning (3D model), we also use of the possibilities of unmanned aircraft for inspection of hardly reachable places.

Standard procedures described in the articles on serving the construction and on as-built inventories are applied at the construction of new power lines.