We measure everything everywhere

We provide land surveying services with the use of innovative technologies, both for institutions and private entities.

We provide comprehensive preparation of an investment in term of land surveying, from purchase of archival master maps, maps for design purposes, to Documentation Coordination Team arrangements.

We provide surveying services for construction sites of all possible scales. We set out single-family and multi-family residential buildings, transmission networks and as-built surveys.

In response to the growing number of inquiries in the scope of legal consultations, we established a dedicated team of land surveyors specialising in division of real estates, property demarcation, re-establishment of boundaries, synchronisation lists, and creation of decree maps.

We are ready to perform any type of engineering measurements. We have a trained team, accurate land surveying equipment and experience in realisation of comprehensive measurement orders.

We have extensive experience in performing measurements on rivers, lakes, channels. We realise measurements of depth by means of specialist of echosounders or by means of spot metering.

Measurements in closed areas - including Polish State Railway and the army

We realised several tens of projects in closed areas which are characterised by specific features of land surveying works and which are covered by separate land surveying documentation centres.


Dedicated websites

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We present our selected projects

For more than a decade we realised more than 5,000 projects in total, and each month there are about fifty new ones. Below please find the photographs from selected projects.


Meet the staff of PKIG

Meet the staff of PKIG - our team is more than twenty five experienced land surveyors.


Łukasz Kacprzak

Land Surveyor

Land surveyor with 10 years of experience. He has the land surveyor licence in categories 1, 2 and 4. He is a member of many organisations such as: RICS, BOMA, IPMS, SGP. He was a lecturer at numerous conferences and trainings. Author of several articles in professional journals.

Łukasz Pękacki

Łukasz Pękacki

Land Surveyor

Land surveyor with 15 years of experience. He has the land surveyor licence in category 1. He is responsible for activities of the Branch in Radom. Specialist in urban and agricultural land surveying.

Sebastian Przybyła

Land Surveyor

Land surveyor with 8 years of experience. Responsible for coordination of works in the scope of engineering and industrial land surveying.