Map for design purposes

One of the first steps to do to obtain a building permit, execution of building design, implementing the plot development plan is the drawing up of map for design purposes by land surveyor.

Based on the map drawn up for design purposes, the architect or designer develops master plan of plot development being part of the construction design, which is an indispensable attachment to application for obtaining a building permit or according to current provisions an attachment to notification of the construction concept involving the construction of a single-family residential building.


Opracowania kartograficzne

Based on the map for design purposes developed by surveyor, the specific design of the construction facility is referenced to the current status of construction site development and shaping.

Map for design purposes is also used to design horizontal or vertical utilities network with connections. The land (plot) development design made on the current map for design purposes, which shows the course of the network connections of utilities is to be agreed at Coordination Meeting in the appropriate local County Governor’s Office. Such agreement is not required when the utilities network has already been laid in the plot and only connections to those networks will be made.

Map for design purposes should include current information on all registration data on both the area of ​​the projected investment as well as the area surrounding that site along the strip of at least 30 meters.

Depending on the customer’s order, the map for design purposes may be drawn by surveyor in traditional technology, i.e. on paper and in digital format, i.e. numerical study in the agreed data format.


The law does not introduce a validity period of a map for design purposes nor does it assign any entity the competence to determine the validity of the map. Such map loses its validity from the moment of change in the information contained therein.